About LT9nine

LT9Nine (Leaves The 99) is a thought-provoking blog designed to take a deeper look at the culture of Christianity in the 21st century and discuss topics that break down cultural and traditional norms, bring awareness to toxic errs, and liberate people through unraveling the false truths that religion has taught.

Throughout the culture of the church, there are many who recognize a greater need and desire for a community and God past religious experience, worship service, or bible study. Our aim is to be a bridge that connects the Christian faith together by stripping away denominational differences, toxic cultures, and irrelevant teachings. We do this by exposing, in plain English, the tactics and tools the enemy has used to keep the church from true progression.

We engage without fear the ideas, deeply rooted in church culture, that have been divisive as we aim to take a Matthew 18:17 approach and “tell it to the church” those things that we need to shift in order to be effective in today’s culture and time.

Simply put, we want to help change the culture of the church so that we can do EXACTLY what we say we are called to do; win the lost and leave no one behind. (Matthew 18:12-14)

Richard “Rich” King

Site Creator, Writer

Rich King is a former worship leader, musician, and songwriter from Milwaukee WI.

After years of serving in the local church, his experiences led him to make the decision to break away where he remained from the local church community until 2020. With his recrudesce, he was compelled to no longer stay silent to issues that he felt were keeping the church from fully helping others and moving forward.

Richard created the LT9nine.com website with the desire to challenge the status quo of the church, to bring a voice to those hurt by ministry and address systems and patterns that are keeping the church from moving forward and being effective for winning the lost.

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